Some of the UK’s best skaters will be taking part in a “Battle of the Stone” in Salford on Saturday November 27.

The winner of the event at Graystone Action Sport in Brunel Avenue will receive £500, with second place receiving £350 and third place will receive £100.

Head Coach Danny Markham said: “We’ve got some participants from the young age of 12 and then some of them in their 30s.

“But this is not going to be the only time that we’re going to run this competition and it will be something that skateboarders can look forward to.”

This year’s competition has fully been booked but if you are still interested in spectating the event, it only costs £5.

There will be two categories in this years competition which are “Street” and “Bowl”.

“Street” is the grey section of the skate park which has a handrail, a stair set and numerous other obstacles in place, whereas the “Bowl” will include a lot of transitional tricks.

If you want to know more about the BATTLE OF THE STONE, you can call Greystone Action Sports on 07508818682 or you can go on their Facebook or Instagram on @graystoneactionsports.

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