Barbara ‘Babs’ Mason, from Irlam, suffers from a rare, life-limiting brain condition known as ‘Iron on the Brain’ (PLA2G6) or Genetic Parkinsonian Syndrome with Neurodegeneration.

Neurodegeneration refers to the loss of function of neurons, which is present in diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. This is a debilitating illness, and Babs’ condition is only deteriorating more as time progresses.

Image credit – Barbara Mason

Babs has to rely on her parents to help look after her bubbly six-year-old son, Lawrence, who was born before her conditions had worsened.

Her parents are appealing for support from an expert, potentially even as far away as America, where clinical trials are expected to start soon, after exhausting as many options as possible.

Her mother, Barbara, said: “There are only 80 people in the world with her condition. Very few doctors know how to treat it.

“We are desperate to get attention from specialist doctors in America to see if there is anything they can do for her before it is too late as she is getting very poorly.”

“She is a beautiful person and has a lovely six-year-old son that needs his mummy.

“She can’t walk or talk and is on a liquid diet.”

The family are appealing for an expert who can offer some new help, after already trying everything that they can. They are willing to do whatever is possible to find some respite for Babs, and to stop the heartache they feel watching their daughter, sister, and mother fade away.

If anyone can help, they are urged to get in touch with the family as soon as possible, to prevent Babs’ condition from worsening any further.

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