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Screenshot from Interview with Jane -Aimee Mckenna


“For me it’s massively important that an organisation like ourselves, and the volunteers, get the recognition” – Salford Survivor Project shortlisted for award

The Salford Survivor Project has been shortlisted for Community Group of the Year at the Forever Manchester Birthday Party event.

The founder of Salford Survivor Project, Jane Gregory, said: “For me, it’s massively important that an organisation like ourselves, and the volunteers, get the recognition. Not just because of what we do but because it’s telling other people, again it’s highlighting domestic abuse.”

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Photograph from Emmaus Social media

“We’re delighted that their film is continuing to help us raise awareness through the Charity Film Awards” – Salford charity film nominated for awards

Salford Charity Emmaus have expressed their delight after a film about the charity has been nominated for a national award.

The short film, that was made over lockdown, has been nominated for the Charity Film Awards.The charity film was created by photography duo Isy and Leigh Anderson, and it focuses on the charity’s work in the Salford area.

“A brilliant snapshot of people at Emmaus Salford and we’re delighted that their film is continuing to help us raise awareness through the Charity Film Awards”, said Rachel Richardson, Community Director at Emmaus Salford.

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Image credit: Josh Warn

“It got to the point where I really didn’t want to live” – Grandmother was saved by Good Samaritan after delivering food

A grandmother from Salford who “lost the will to live” during the Covid pandemic was saved from death by a Good Samaritan who knocked on her door.

Anna Tandy had taken an overdose to end her life when a driver from a local food charity called round with a delivery of meals.

When Anna didn’t answer the door the driver raised the alarm with Sammie Bellamy, who runs food project, For the Love of Food. Within minutes the door was broken down and Anna was found unconscious.

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Santa and the Scout leaders
Santa and the Scout leaders, photo credit: Salford Scouts

“If you hear him coming and you see his lights, get out and give us a wave” – Salford Scouts raising money with Santa’s help

Santa has been spotted travelling around Salford on his sleigh raising funds for 100th Salford Scouts Group.

Last night Santa Super Sleigh Salford went around the streets of Irlam o’ th’ Heights spreading Christmas cheer and raising money for the 100th Salford Scout Group via the Lowry District Scouts charity.

“It is so important to keep the Christmas spirit alive and bring cheer to everybody and it is really nice seeing the community come together to support us”, said Victoria Booth.

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Paulo Still and his dog
Credit: Bethany Noon

“It is a place to reset, relax as you surrender to the sound around you” – Paulo Still, his thoughts about his class Sound Healing Meditation

In the runup to Christmas you may be feeling anxious about buying Christmas presents for your friends and family, sorting the guest list out and preparing for the Christmas dinner.

But at the Bridgewater Mill in Eccles there is one class that has helped the people of Salford to relieve this anxious feeling.

Paulo Still a yoga dance movement teacher as well as a sound healer meditator has been doing this for three years to help the people of Salford feel at ease in their day to day life.

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Pixabay – no attribution required

“Unless you’re over 70, you’re not prioritised” – Salford patients struggle to see GPs face to face

Salford patients have described over month-long waiting times at their local GP practices and being denied in-person appointments, even after a nationwide £270 million investment to expand capacity and support GPs.

Ellie-Mae Dean, a 19-year-old student contacted her GP regarding a chest infection in September. She said:”[I]t’s just constant phone call appointments, you can never get a face-to-face appointment.”

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Image by Joe Smith

“I found the power in sharing my story”- Salford artist commissioned to create multimedia piece to represent her time in care

Salford artist Jessie Needlewoman has been commissioned by 42nd street to produce a piece for their ‘Art Exploration’ exhibition which will represent her journey as a care experienced person. Jessie has combined fashion, poetry, and film to reflect on her own experiences.

The exhibition will feature work from groups such as ‘Flight for change’ in Salford, The Lowry care leavers group and various care experienced young people from around Greater Manchester. It will also showcase four professional care experienced artists including Jessie Needlewoman and special features from Yusuf McCormack and Sophie Willan.

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Ryan McDermott, owner of That Burger Place – Left
Adam Brown, presenter on Radio X – Right.

‘That Burger Place’ in Salford launches very own show with a celebrity line-up

Ryan McDermott, owner of That Burger Place, has launched Manchester’s very own celebrity cooking show – ‘That Burger Show’.

Each week, Ryan is joined in the kitchen with a special guest who brings with them one ingredient that Ryan knows nothing about. Special guests include Bez from Happy Mondays, Love Island’s power couple Molly Smith and Callum Jones, 80’s legend Pat Sharp and Corrie star Ellie Leach.

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University of Salford awards Roger Spencer, chief executive of The Christie, with an honorary degree for his contributions.

Roger’s work includes significant service developments including building several networked radiotherapy and chemotherapy centres across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, transforming the delivery of specialist cancer services for patients.

Andy Reid with Karen Miller at Broughton House Veteran Care Village – permission via press release

“They are the Chelsea Pensioners of the north” – A veteran has become an ambassador for Broughton House Veteran Care Village in Salford

Veteran Andy Reid MBE has become the ambassador for Broughton House Veteran Care Village in Salford.

Andy was serving in Helmand Province as a corporal in the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment in 2009, when he stood on an improvised explosive device while on patrol. The blast saw him lose his right arm and his legs. Since then, Andy has dedicated his life to raising awareness and funds for civilian and military amputees.

Andy said: “I hope that by being an ambassador I can help to raise the profile of Broughton House and by doing so help them raise funds.”

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Credit: Mia Duthil-McArthur

STORM BARRA UPDATE: Van Gogh Alive cancelled due to weather conditions.

This comes as part of a warning issued by MediaCityUK: “Please be aware that we have had high wind speed readings in the last hour”.

Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

“It’s for the vunerable in the area so everyone has something to open on Christmas day”- Salford Charity is brightening up Christmas for lonely elders/

Salford charity Home Instead is encouraging people to buy a gift for lonely seniors this Christmas.

They hope this will help combat loneliness for elderly people who will not be receiving presents this Christmas.Charity recruiter Mel Looby said: “It’s for the vulnerable in the area so everyone has something to open on Christmas day.

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Image credit: Rebecca Platt

“My five-year-old is in year one now and he’s struggling to read and write” – Salford schoolchildren still suffering lockdown learning issues

According to research, schoolchildren across the UK are at different stages of learning as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, almost two years on.

While Children of key workers attended school and were taught in small groups, whereas other children had to learn from home.

Salford tutor, Rebecca Platt has noticed the long-term effects of lockdown on her pupils, she said: “There are some areas in Salford where there is quite a lot of social deprivation, and those students probably won’t have access to private tutors”.

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Credit: Quays Culture Facebook

UPDATE ON STORM BARRA: The Salford Lightwaves festival as well as the RHS ‘Glow’ show will be closed this evening as a result of Storm Barra.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning due to the storm, which is in place until midnight tonight, leaving RHS Bridgewater partially closed.

PREVIEW: A grandmother from Salford who “lost the will to live” during the Covid pandemic was saved from death by a Good Samaritan who knocked on her door.

Anna Tandy had taken an overdose to end her life when Sammie Bellamy, who runs For the Love of Food, called round with her regular delivery of meals.When she couldn’t get an answer at the door she broke in, found Anna unconscious and rang the ambulance.

“Without Sammie breaking in I would have been dead by now,” said Anna.

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Police warn residents of scammers this Christmas season.

Image permission: Anna Holvey

“Sweaty Mama is a place where you’re not isolated” – The Mother-baby workout classes offering a safe space for parents

Sweaty Mama is a parent-baby workout class aiming to offer mums a safe support network.The classes not only offer Mums a place to exercise without childcare, but also mingle with likeminded women along their pre and post-natal journeys.

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permission to use given by Eleanor Dean who is the marketing and communications assistant at Aspire

“When you’re caught in the middle of it, it feels like it’s never going to end” The importance of raising awareness for, and understanding grief.

The 2nd – 8th December marks National Grief Awareness Week – a week to raise awareness of the impact of grief and how it needs to be acknowledged more within society.

There is a longstanding taboo that grief should be handled alone by the individuals that have experienced the loss.

Rachel Mallen, Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Salford, said “I think that it’s something that you learn to live with, I think it comes in waves and also that grief can manifest physically. I think it’s important to break the taboo wherever possible just to allow people to have a voice in grief.”

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Copyright – Abigail Carrington

“It’s been awful” – Christmas at risk of delay for the people of Eccles due to postal disasters

The people of Eccles are still not receiving their post after almost a month of complaints, with many driving to the sorting office itself to have any hope of collection.

It is understood that the problems have arisen due to the Royal Mail ‘not filling vacancies’ and ‘leaving staff stretched and overworked’, in their busiest period of the year.

People have not only been deprived from access to some of their most important documents, but from the gifts that they so excitedly planned on giving to their loved ones over Christmas too.

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Media City this afternoon, covered in a thin layer of snow.

Salford City Council warn residents of high winds and snow from Storm Barra

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“You are very critical of yourself, not just of other people” – Salford TikTok dancers explain how they use social media to gain exposure

Dance students use the social media platform TikTok to enhance their careers, but claim ‘it’s harder for artists now.’The third-year dance students at the University of Salford speak on the struggles for professional dancers to get noticed on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok.

Christos Christophides, 20, said: “So, some tips would be to keep your dignity. Some people can lose themselves trying to be TikTok famous.”

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Matthew Bourne
Lowry press picture. Photo by Simon Annand https://www.flickr.com/photos/thelowry/49424195261/in/album-72157712781814827/

Review: ‘Nutcracker!’ by Matthew Bourne ignites festivities at The Lowry

When you think of revolutionising a 130-year-old Christmas classic, dancers licking each other’s arms, vigorous bum shaking, and a ginormous cake are probably not what spring to mind. Despite this, Matthew Bourne’s ‘Nutcracker!’ delivers the festive excitement we all long for.

From the drastically sparce tree to the pitiful handful of paper chains thrown around the stage, the tone was set in an instant.

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Babs Mason and her son, Lawrence: Image credit – Barbara Mason

12.30 pm
“There are only 80 people in the world with her condition”– The Salford parents’ desperate plea for support for their daughter who suffers from a rare condition

Catching you up on Salford Now’s news from the last 24 hours to start our live blog today!

Parents of Salford woman with life-limiting brain condition are appealing for support to help treat her as soon as possible.

Barbara ‘Babs’ Mason, from Irlam, suffers from a rare condition known as ‘Iron on the Brain’ (PLA2G6) or Genetic Parkinsonian Syndrome with Neurodegeneration.Babs has to rely on her parents to help look after her bubbly six-year-old son, Lawrence, who was born before her conditions had worsened.

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