Kickstart are one of the several organisations and community groups in Salford that are taking part in the free winter fun sessions over the Christmas break.

The sessions are free and available for children from Reception to Year 6 who are eligible for free school meals and will be being held around all areas within Salford.

Sessions are only available for residents of Salford and need to be booked in advanced via the council website.

Kickstart will be holding the sessions from the 21st – 23rd December 2021 and one on the 4th January 2022 between 10:00am and 2pm at Barton Moss Primary School in Eccles.

Perfect for parents who have any last minute errands to complete once children have broken up for the school holidays.

Dean Chalad, 2nd Director of Kickstart said: “Kickstart have been involved in the Holiday and Activity fund which is funded by Salford City Council for the past year, participating in Easter sessions for children that were a success”.

“We was sceptical about participating in the sessions over the Christmas period as this is a busy time for families, our original capacity was 30 children only but we have had to extend to 50, we were surprised when all the spaces got booked up”

“We have had a positive response to our sessions from when we held our Easter sessions, we learned what activities the children preferred, what they enjoyed and what they did not which has helped prepare for our Christmas sessions”

Kickstart will offer a range of activities, including arts & craft, physical activities and Christmas themed games, children will also receive a two course hot meal and snacks throughout the day.

“Kids will receive a hot meal and desert as-well as having fruit available at all time throughout the day”

Great for families who count on free school meals for their children and might struggle throughout holiday periods.

“Salford Council have the extended the Holiday activity fund for the next 3 years, so we can continue offering our sessions to the children of Salford and will be hopefully adding sessions for high school students in our local area.”

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