The ITV interactive seating sculpture at media city was demolished today following concerns that too many children had been hurting themselves climbing and falling off.

The 16 meter long, stainless steel sculpture twisted round to create seating for the public and ITV staff members, but because too many people did not follow the ‘no climbing’ sign, the design led to too many accidents.

The outdoor seating installation was built in 2014 and its design was inspired by the curved form of ITV’s logo, but after 7 years it has now been removed.

WEC group Limited originally fabricated the design, a member of their team, Jean-Yves said,

“It’s a shame as it was a nice piece of architectural metalwork and quite a complex job to fabricate at the time. It will be interesting to see what they replace it with.”

The instillation use to sit on the green within the Blue Peter gardens just opposite the ITV building and even included a fixture that meant that the public could interact and change the colour of the ITV logo sitting on the top of their building.

ITV themselves have stated that the removal of the seating installation has occurred because “the logo lighting control unit that was the main part of it no longer works so it’s a bit of a white elephant”.

ITV also said, “It’s not our realm to do anything with it as it actually belongs to Peel so at the moment we have no plans.”


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The public, however, did seem to have mixed opinions about the outdoor seating area.

One member of the public said, “I think it is a shame because I did use to see kids playing on it and enjoying themselves, I actually thought it was designed for children but apparently its not. If It makes it safer then that is what you have to do.”

Another member of the public stated, “I never cared for the thing and I am not bothered that it is now gone. I never saw kids actually climbing on it, but I can understand why it is dangerous.”


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