Who does not love a good open mic night? I always find it is the perfect way to discover up and coming local talent in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.  

So, when I found out the old pint pot hosted an open mic I had to go and check it out.  

John, who is the current organizer of this wonderful fortnightly showcase, shared with me the effort motivation behind running this event.  

Image credit: Alice Peoples

“It is something that anyone can get involved with and when I say anyone, I mean anyone, we can have world class performers to people who are doing it for the very first time in their life, so you just don’t know what you are going to get”


A feeling that I feel was shared throughout the room as the gentle hum of people’s chatter anticipation trickled throughout the room with a gentle hum of people eagerly anticipating what exciting acts they would be treated to that night.  

Around 14 to 15 acts were expected to perform that night which meant that they only had a short space of time to fully showcase their skills.  

Image credit: Alice Peoples

That evening there was a surplus of amazing bands and singers, most of which came with their own original content. As well as some satirical  

The evening was sadly cut short after there was a random power cut that shut off electricity to the entire of the pub.  

No one knew exactly what was going on.  

 Now for your average performer they would just quit right there and then on the spot.  

But in true Salford spirit Sam Turner carried on like a trooper.  

The crowd all banded together and started gassing him up by cheering and clapping enthusiastically.  

For about 10 minutes this continued with the electricity sporadically coming in and out until they had to close the pint pot as the till was no longer working.  

Sadly, this meant some of the people who were hoping to perform that night did not get the chance.  

Hopefully, they will get their time to shine in the next open mic in the new year.  

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