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Stunning archaic images depicting Salford fifty years ago have been unearthed from the archives of the Manchester Evening News.

The photos, showing citizens engaging in various activities such as shopping and socialising, were released from the newspaper’s archive ‘Mirrorpix’ on 11th January.

Among the 27 pictures are stunning aerial shots of the Salford skyline, providing a rare insight into areas which were once considered ‘slum-housing’ in the mid-late seventies.

Other captivating shots include an outside view of the then brand-new Salford shopping precinct in November 1971, and even an isolated glimpse of the initial ‘Coronation Street’ location, when the hit soap was in its infancy back in 1973.

Inevitably, these previously hidden gems have provided a welcoming trip down memory lane for those who grew up during a decade of huge economic and social change for the borough.

University of Salford professor Carole O’ Reilly said: “
“Photos like these are such a great resource as they represent a snapshot in time. Most are not really staged so their candour is what makes them interesting.
They are not wealthy or famous people (apart from Stan and Hilda, of course!) which gives them a relatable nature.
The number of factory chimneys reminds us of Salford’s industrial past and the densely packed houses recall the difficult conditions in which many people still lived.”

During the mid-seventies, the city of Salford was said to be at a crossroads; while some remnants of Victorian infrastructure remained intact, others were being removed, providing both a huge ‘slum’ clearance and a new sense of optimism around Greater Manchester, according to iNostalgia.

Reilly added: “Salford precinct still looks new, having only opened in 1971. Its shops are full of enticing wares, an indication of the beginning of the consumer boom to come. This is quite a contrast to the photos of the slum housing.

Salford was far from the ‘classic slum’ of the stereotype but a diverse and vibrant place. Hopefully, these photos not only remind people of the past, but of how much we have to be grateful for in the present.”

All twenty-seven of the images are available to view in full via 27 fascinating photos of 1970s Salford on the streets and from the sky – Manchester Evening News, and are a humble reminder of just how far the city of Salford has come in the past half-century.

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