Foodbanks in Salford are facing increasing pressure due to the current cost of living crisis.

As food and energy prices soar, the number of people using food banks has steadily increased, and services have struggled to match the demand.

And with inflation in the last 12 months hitting 5.4%, many people are being forced to turn to the food banks on a regular basis, rather than in an emergency.

Victoria Carol, a representative of Lucie’s Pantry on Fitzwarren Street, said: “Previously people will be members and maybe use it once or twice, whereas now we have people queuing out the door waiting to come in.

“I’d say at least 150-160 people are regular each week turning up and we do get referrals for new members every week.

“There’s only so much food a food bank can give to ensure that everyone gets a fair share really.”

Lucie’s Pantry, based on Fitzwarren Street. Image credit: Patrick Barlow

The Pantry, which works as a social supermarket, has also seen a change in the range of people using the service, with people from all backgrounds feeling the increased cost of living.

According to the latest statistics from foodbank charity The Trussell Trust, over 4,300 emergency parcels were handed out between April 2020 and September 2021, with numbers expected to rise further in the coming months.

The charity has eight distribution centres across the Salford area, including in Eccles, Swinton, and Broughton.

A member of the charity group said that demand has increased year on year and that they expect a further rise in demand over the next three months.

Information for the Salford Foodbank can be found here

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