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The Salford branch of Socialist Alternative is set to rally in forthcoming activist movements and next week’s Kill the Bill protest in Manchester.

Dane Yates, 35, branch secretary for Socialist Alternative in Salford, said: “Our goal, both nationally and internationally, is to build a mass movement of workers and young people, to be the force to create the, social change of society.

“To rid the world of capitalism and replace it with true democratic socialism.

“But along the way, we will fight and fight for and you know, and try to win every kind of improvement in the lives of working class and young people that we can do.”

Dane Yates giving presentation in Socialist Alternative meeting. Credit: Dane Yates

Founded in 2019, Socialist Alternative has a goal to bring reform to the treatment of workers as well as citizens.

The Salford branch has already participated in activism and unionization, recently supporting strikes of pallet workers at the CHEP factory in Trafford Park, with plans to participate in even more protests and strikes in the coming future.

Dean said: “Next week, there’s a protest on Kill the Bill, again, in Manchester, which we will be looking to be involved in.

“There were a couple of us was down at one of the picket lines last night, and we were discussing with workers, how we’d be looking to try and link that up with our campaign work.”

Members for Socialist Alternative are not paid for their work, but people like Dane Yates still proceed to take it as professionally as they can, helping and supporting local communities and their unions.

Salford’s Socialist Alternative helping UCU in University of Salford strike. Credit: Dane Yates

Dane attended last year’s UCU (University and College Union) strike, which had multiple colleges and high schools participating, with The University of Salford last year, he said: “The role that we were trying to play in that strike is to speak to the students and explain why you should come out.

You should support your lecturers, your teachers, whether that’s protests or solidarity strikes of students.”
“Because there’s a lot of misinformation around strikes and around workers’ troubles from management and bosses, and that includes universities.”

While other socialist organisations may take activism and campaigning as a part time role, Socialist Alternative are very serious on their tasks.

Dean stated that membership is obtained by commitment and an open mind to the group and its ideologies, in the Salford branch there are currently a “dozen” of members.

He said: “I think a lot of people particularly friends and family, for example, get involved with something like Socialist Alternative, they kind of see it as they could potentially see it as like a hobby or something that you do you go to a meeting once a week, and a couple of times a week, you go out and do activities, and campaign stalls or protests or whatever.

“But for us, you hear the phrase: “professional revolutionary”.

“The term professional revolutionary, it’s somebody which sees that you have to study and you have to work as well, but you see the key task of what you do as building a revolutionary movement that can that can, hopefully, change society for the better.”

Socialism and Activism statistics.

Salford communities and students are more supportive of socialist movements and their goals, with there being an increase of local socialist groups and activism in the last few years.

We have contacted both Labour and Conservative Salford council members for comment.

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