The Langworthy Cornerstone in Salford is holding an art hanging event in Salford on the 4th of March 2022.

The event caters to all abilities and anyone can get involved and have their work put on hung up and displayed.

The event is organised by Tony Easom, who is an enthusiastic amateur artist, folk music performer, and member of the Salford Art Club. Along with Stephen ‘Broady,’ Broadhurst is a local Salford Artist who specialises in drawing scenes and people from Old Salford.

Mr Easom and Broadhurst talked about how the event would be beneficial for upcoming and aspiring artists. Mr Easom said: I think it’s great for their self-esteem. In the fact that they are not going to an art gallery where they might be worried about people being judgemental and criticising it. It’s here, it’s free and easy.” Mr Broadhurst said: “it helps people to curate their art and how to lay it all out on the walls and make it look good for people coming in and having a look.”

Mr Easom talked about how the artists are responsible for their sales, saying: “Give me a short resume about yourself and what I’ll do, I’ll type it up in a certain format, laminate it and put it next to your piece of work and more importantly their contact details so if anybody likes your work just through normal footfall, they can contact them. Say that they like their work and they can come here and do the deal.”

The event will run from the Langworthy Cornerstone centre on the 4th March. It will start from 9:00 am to midday. If you are interested in getting involved contact Tony Easom on 07903935027.

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