Salford barber Adam Bennet is offering Afghan refugees free haircuts as they settle in to the city.

Mr Bennet, who works at his Bloodhound Barbering studio on Astor Road, had only been open a few months when the Taliban captured Kabul last year after the withdrawal of British and American troops from the region.

The barber, who has a degree in French and Spanish, said: “I set this place up six months ago with the intention of doing something charity based, or some way of giving back to the community.

“They’ve gone through so much that I will never go through.”

At the height of the crisis, the UK government committed to taking in 8,000 refugees considered at risk.

He said: “As a barber, I’m in a privileged position, because everyone needs a haircut, so I have that opportunity. I can’t really give money, but I can give my time and my skill.

“That’s only 45 minutes whilst they’re sat in the chair.”

The studio which has been designed with men’s wellbeing in mind is hidden away and shares its space with recording artists and models.

About his unique concept, he said: “I believe in what I’m doing in here in this studio.”

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