The current roadworks on Trafford Road are due to escalate next month with overnight resurfacing due to begin as the major scheme draws to completion.

The scheme, which has been provided with £20m of funding from Salford City Council, intends to improve the roads for all users, including cyclists, with there being a focus on encouraging more green travel.

Initial roadworks began in March last year and have since caused disruption.

Today there has been a reduction in one-lane traffic and there will be no right turns onto Ordsall Lane.

Starting from Saturday 9 April, there will be major closures across the dual carriageway, with Trafford Road northbound set to be closed from White City roundabout to Merchants Quay from 8am Saturday 9 April to 6pm Sunday 10 April.

The existing roadworks have been ongoing since last year, and certain residents are getting restless over the traffic delays.

Salford resident Jonathan Colquitt said: “It has been going on for so long, peoples mental health is deteriorating, people are getting very stressed, very upset and it is adding to pollution.

“I’ve had to change my tires because of debris left in the road it is an absolute shambles and I have never come across anything like this in my life.

“People start fighting when the lanes merge together, and there is not a workman to be seen in sight.”


Salford City Council has provided members of the public with three dates where they can speak to contractors and councillors about the upcoming disruptions. Today, Wednesday 23 March and Thursday 24 March..

Councillor Mike McCusker, Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development, said: “This takes this major project another step closer to final completion. The Trafford Road scheme is part of the Greater Manchester-wide Bee Network programme to create the largest joined up system of walking and cycling routes in the UK.

“Our contractors are working hard to keep local residents, businesses and commuters informed and respond promptly to any comments or queries they have. We are doing all we can to try and minimise disruption and thank everyone for their patience as this huge investment scheme progresses.”

The escalation of these roadworks will have repercussions for tourist attractions such as Ordsall Hall, as there is no right turn onto Ordsall Lane.

Schools such as Oasis Academy, will also be affected due to traffic with the journeys being delayed.

images: Edward Bazeley

Salfordians may also face disruptions when travelling towards Manchester City centre on Sunday 9 April due to the road closure.

There will be a meeting tonight with councillors and contractors at 6pm which all members of the public can attend.


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