Greater Manchester is now working with the Government to deliver a new clear air plan by July 2022, having originally been set to be introduced in May 2022.

Reports state that people in Salford are breathing illegal levels of air pollution but a new plan for Greater Manchester is hoping to tackle this.

The original Clear Air Plan was set to comply with a legal direction from the government issued before the coronavirus pandemic.

However the original plan would not have met with the current obligations to comply with the legal limit for harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) air pollution by 2024. In response to this, the government has now issued a new direction for compliance in the ‘shortest possible time’, by 2026.

Clean Air Greater Manchester said: “Poor air quality affects everyone’s health, particularly the most vulnerable people in society: deprived communities, children, elderly people and those with chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. It contributes to nearly 1,200 premature deaths in GM every year.

“We’re committed to cleaning up the air our residents breathe – but in a way that helps people to make the change to cleaner vehicles and does not put jobs, livelihoods and businesses at risk.”

£120m has been secured in government funding for GM to help eligible owners of vehicles which would be non-compliant in a Clean Air Zone to upgrade to compliant vehicles.



Find out more here: Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan | Clean Air Greater Manchester (


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