A piano teacher in Salford says playing the instrument has a range of positive benefits, especially for children.

Speaking on world piano day, Salford piano tutor Emily Sharp, 22, shared her experience as a pianist, and a personal tutor.

She said: “It’s rewarding when students pass exams and things, but it also keeps me ticking over because it’s a good skill to have”

Emily has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Her passion arose when she received a piano for Christmas, and ever since then she has had a passion for the instrument.

Emily teaches from her home, where she provides the piano for her students.

video provided by Emily Sharp

She shared who she would encourage to learn the instrument: “I’d recommend it to children but after the age of five once they have learnt the alphabet and can sit and concentrate for 30 minutes, because it is hard to do with any younger.

“But it’s a good skill to have, being able to read music, so I’d say to anyone wanting to pick up a new skill, but especially children”.

Now, with her tutoring services, she hopes to help others have that same passion.

Image credit; sophia Shaunak


World Piano Day is famously celebrated on the 88th day of the year, representing the amount of keys on the piano.



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