The Eagle Inn is celebrating its tenth anniversary of being a music venue by hosting a night of live music event on Saturday 2nd April 2022. Entry is free and no tickets are required.

Owner Esther Maylor eagerly explained that “On the second of April it is exactly ten years since I took over the Eagle. We didn’t develop the music venue straight away but we did start putting on little bits in the pub. It had been shut for a little while so it was quite a big change.”

The event is set to showcase 4 bands: Sugarstone, Dakota Avenue, The Skive and Tigerside as well as DJ’s Pablo Wunderbar, Rocky Suave, Bigga Bez and Kid Machine.

“So on Saturday to celebrate we’re doing a free event all day, there’s 4 bands starting at 4’oclock and then DJ’s in between out on the terrace. Our new area out the back.”  Being a musician herself, she added that “I’m actually in a band, they’re playing the music venue, they’re called tigerside.”

Alongside the music there will also be food on offer from partnering company ‘Habisha’.


Reflecting over the last decade Esther touched on some of her fondest memories. “ My favourite times in the eagle are when there’s a poetry thing going on in the venue, bands who have been in rehearsal knocking about the pub, you’ve got beekeepers association having a meeting, real ale camera guys, students and someone has had too much and been kicked out the front, asleep on a bench. That’s what I love about pubs – I like that anything can happen.”

Since moving to the area, ex-Salford student Esther has seen various changes come and go.

“I think Salford’s obviously been through lots of changes and we’re just on the intake of breath of a new era and I feel like when I first moved here 16 or 17 years ago as a student it was rubbish. You had castle Irwell and the Pav and then that was it, then you had Manchester. Chapel Street was just depressing everything was shut or burnt out.”

After taking over The Eagle Inn she feels she has helped the area to develop into the vibrant place it is now. “What’s really nice for me now is I feel like I’ve contributed to that a bit too by obviously giving the eagle a bit of a breath of life which it needed. It’s nice to sort of see the new life spreading throughout.”

Esther believes the venue holds a great signifance and boosts new artists in their growth, being a grassroots venue. “I think grassroots are really important because that’s where everybody gets a chance to start out and without those you don’t have artists feeding into the big events.”


For more information about The Eagle Inn visit their website

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