Three Consilium Academy schools, Moorside High School, Ellesmere Park High School and Buile Hill Academy, have announced new uniform policy coming in to play as of September 2022 due to new exclusive provider.

Students will no longer have to purchase new uniform with logos from exclusive providers, instead their uniforms can be purchased at supermarkets and high street stores, with an exception made for schools blazers and ties which must have official school branding.

The change is expected to help reduce the long term cost in purchasing uniform for parents and guardians. This falls in line with the Department of Education’s aims to make uniform more affordable by September 2022.

A spokesperson for Consilium Academies said: “We realise that the cost of uniforms can be a heavy expense and burden on parents, especially those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. With the rising cost of living, it seemed the most appropriate time to make these changes.

“There have always been families who have struggled to purchase branded items of uniform for their child. We believe no parent/career should struggle to clothe their child for school, therefore we have made this initiative to support all families across our Trust.”

Moorside High school made their announcement on Thursday on their Instagram:

The new uniform policies also aligns with Consilium Academies sustainability objectives. When asked about these, a spokesperson said: “We hope a move to unbranded uniform will reduce the amount of items that eventually end up in landfill sites.

“Additionally, we have introduced a high-quality Eco tie which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Each tie saves two plastic bottles from going to landfill sites across the UK – which can eventually end up polluting the ground and getting into our food chain.

“The Eco ties use yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles and are made in a mill in Lancashire. The ties are delivered directly to our schools, reducing our carbon footprint by up to 90 per cent.”

The incentive will be implemented for when schools start term in September 2022.


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