Salford Arts Theatre

Salford Arts Theatre will be providing educational children’s Theatre this July.

Boo Theatre is presenting “THE LITTLE ROCK ‘N’ROLL RECYCLING BUG” on Saturday 23rd July at Salford Arts Theatre.

Tickets for children are £5 and adults get in for £8.

Roni Ellis, Artistic director at Salford Arts Theatre spoke on the upcoming show;

“We watched it for the first time and felt like we was being educated, I actually learnt something myself”

“Boo Theatre make the show really fun and they use traditional stories that children are usually familiar with”

“There’s songs the children will learn that they will remember and a lot of engagement in the crowd to join in with”

“Boo Theatre are located in Salford and are a relatively small company but everything they do is for children”

“They like to make their Theatre accessible and make sure everybody has the opportunity to be creative”

“The show teaches you what you can do with rubbish and they give examples of using your own recycling to make things which is interesting”

Theatre for kids.
Credit: Roni Ellis.


Coppice Theatre will be presenting “SCIENCE ADVENTURES : THE POWER PICKLE” on Monday 25th July and Wednesday 27th JulY.

Full tickets are £8 and concession tickets £6.

Concession tickets apply to anyone in education, on benefits or elderly (60+).

“From an age group perspective, I would say children aged 7-8 + will be more ideal for our Science adventures show” Roni Ellis explains.

“There are younger children that are more inquisitive and want to learn and are able to sit and watch the show”

“all the shows are 6o minutes so they are not too long but I would reccomend the science show ages 8 onwards.

“This kind of space is perfect for children to start of for their first experience watching live Theatre”

Tickets are available Here.

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