Queues could be seen in Walkden town centre last week as Walkdens record store, Sticky Black Tarmac, took part in record store day.

Brandon Nolen, 23, is a one-man team who set up his own record store last October, which has proven popular: “A record store was something I thought would be great to do down the line but in lockdown i was working from home in what was just a regular office job, so it was just something that i thought more and more about. I thought why wait to have a go i might as well start now.”

Six months after the shop’s opening Mr. Nolen took to social media to show that he would be taking part in his first national record store day.

Record store day is the one day a year when over 260 independent record shops all accross the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. There are special vinyls made especially for the day each year.



In a picture posted on Instagram you can see a queue of people waiting outside Sticky Black Tarmac before opening on record store day to try and get their hands on new vinyl records for their collections.


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Mr Nolen explained that a lot of people who came to the shop “had only got into it recently” he also pointed out that : “where in the past there may have been a stereotype, there is no such thing now.”
All ages , young an old made their way to the store throughout the day and lead the day to a success.
After close Mr Nolen took to Instagram again to thank people for their custom, he named it: “a record day by a country mile.”


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