A musical-comedy play featuring Dom Collins and Buzz Hawkins is set to appear at Salford Arts Theatre.

The play, called ‘A Bit O’ Lanky Panky’, will take place on Sunday 12th June and will feature ‘two hours of Lancashire fun and song’.

Collins, who will feature using his stage name Albert Higginbottom, expressed his excitement about the play: “We thought we could put a nice little show together and that’s exactly what we’re doing, we’re taking it out there just to give people a good laugh.

“There will be no bad language no effing and blinding or anything like that, it will be good, old-fashioned, clean comedy”.

His co-star, Hawkins, achieved success with the creation of fictional family The Bradshaws which was first heard as a segment on Piccadilly Radio in 1983 and has continued on radio ever since. It was also made into a television series in 1994 for Granada TV.

Collins spoke about working with Hawkins, saying: “I’ve been on tour with him for about four years now, but it’s great we just have a lot of fun, he’s a nice fella and he’s been in the game a long time.

“I’m more from the folk scene, but we’ve come together and took some of the Lancashire stuff like the traditional songs and we’ve just mixed it up with some great comedy”.

The venue, Salford Arts Theatre, is the city’s only independent theatre and was built in 1974 for The Salford Players which included big names such as Ben Kingsley, Robert Powell and Christopher Eccleston.

Now the venue is used for several productions each year, alongside meetings, rehearsals and children’s parties, with the aim of making theatre accessible for all.

Tickets for the play can be found here.

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