Salford is known to many for its industry, famous people and its sport, however, the history of the city and its paranormal links aren’t quite as well known. 

Whether you believe it or not, Salford has a lot of haunted places. From Ordsall Hall where Guy Fawkes planned his Gunpowder plot, to many other historical places.

Have you ever wanted to explore these places? Find out some history?

Flecky Bennett’s Salford ghost walk explores different areas of Salford, telling all the spooky stories from different places in the city.

Bennett explained, “I started the Salford Ghost walk in March this year and the reason I decided to create a Salford Ghost walk was to utilise stories I had already researched for various other performances, which because of Covid had to be postponed and cancelled for over two years.

“I also did an online Salford Friday fright night Facebook live event in lockdown, which also created a batch of new stories which I thought people would love to experience.”

The ghost walk will take place on May 20th and July 1st 2022 and includes a two-hour walk and a 30-minute interval.

Flecky told us, “Salford is extremely haunted, but unfortunately not all can be covered on the performance because the haunted locations in Salford are far and wide, but the stories I cover on my performance are, The Salford child catcher and his ghost, three separate female ghosts who haunt the River Irwell (Lavinia Robinson, Vivianna Radcliffe and Mini and her lovers served head).

“The other stories on the performance are not ghost-related but there weird and wonderful like the vegetarian burial ground and the Devils candles”

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Ghosts and haunted places are not always believed in by many people and has been a controversial subject for years, however, Flecky explained…

“I find my audiences are open minded and when I explain that all my stories are based on documented accounts you can’t really argue with facts”

Take on your spooky side! Tickets £15.14.

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