The Salford Dementia Services Providers Group hosted an event on the 17th of May to celebrate Salford becoming a dementia-friendly city. They held the event at The Lighthouse venue, Centenary Park, Coronet Way, Eccles, M50 1RE, and ran from 10 am to 2 pm.

Salford is dementia-friendly, which means that dementia is more accepted by the community and educated on what dementia is and how to help those living with dementia. This event was not only a celebration but a way to spread awareness and educate others on the causes and effects of dementia.

Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning in a person to the point that it interferes with the person’s daily life, activities and the way they control their emotions.

It has different ranges of severity from the mildest stage, which is at the beginning, to the most severe stage. In this case, the person would have to rely on others for basic activities.

“We are trying to help people who serve customers and people in the community to understand the difficulties that some people with dementia can have.” Tony Watson, Chairman at Dementia Haven and a carer for his wife, Joy Watson who has had young-onset Alzheimer’s since 2013, said.

He also spoke about important it is to educate the community on how to know the telltale signs of dementia when they see those suffering from it in public.

“The lack of knowledge from people in the society about dementia can be frightening sometimes because of the lack of understanding and patience toward those with dementia, which is why we campaign,” Tony continued.

They set up stalls at the event to give out more information about how individuals can help and volunteer at charities or homes that take care of dementia patients.

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