YESTERDAY saw Victoria Warehouse in Manchester host this years Cosmosis Festival. Natalie Rees runs her eye over one of the acts taking to the stage…

Punk duo Sleaford Mods took over the Earth stage from 11pm, attracting a big crowd who wrapped round the modest platform for the highly anticipated set.

The ‘Mods from Nottingham began their rant infused set with a distinctively rebellious atmosphere, as fans of the band have come to expect since Jason and Andrew joined forces in 2012.

The band, who graced the John Peel stage at Glastonbury last year, began their eclectic set with a fusion of bass guitar, lo-fi drums and clever wordplay from vocalist Jason.

The audience, an alcohol infused mixture of ages, genders and aesthetic allegiances, were treated to favourites including ‘No One’s Bothered’ and ‘Faces to Faces’, both taken from their most recent record ‘Key Markets’, which was named after a supermarket in Grantham.

Williamson’s aggressive performance fuelled the increasingly energetic crowd, an opportunity to move to some heavier sounds away from the psychedelic nature of the festival.

The critically acclaimed pair enjoyed the reactions of the crowd as they shouted and swore throughout the set, obeying the rage enveloped in their song’s inspirations, which include their views on modern existence and politics.

The set continued to awaken those watching as the band introduced ‘Jolly F***ker’, ‘Tiswas’ and ‘Silly Me’, the fourth song on ‘Key Markets’, which was included in The Guardian’s list of ‘The Best Albums Of 2015’.

Watching Sleaford Mods is a unique experience as their music really comes alive on stage. The band concluded their powerful set at midnight with the crowd demanding more.

By Natalie Rees

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