THE former Season Eight American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert, performed at a sold-out Manchester Academy. Quays News entertainment reporter Dhanna Estinozo went along…

After his success with “Ghost Town”, he announced only two UK dates for his ‘The Original High’ tour that debuted at No.3 on the Billboard 200, which everyone made sure they had tickets for.

The support came from the UK band, Lawson, which did not fail to energise the crowd as it was evident the crowd was familiar with their rock pop beats.

With nothing but their instruments, the four-piece came out to perform their most successful and recent songs “We Are Kings”, “Standing in the Dark” and “Juliet”. Without realising, Lawson created a simultaneous harmony with the crowd as the whole room sang in unison.

It was not long until the audience was exposed to the neon lights and Lambert’s bright blonde hair in contrast to his red leather outfit. And in return he received an enthusiastic welcome from Manchester.

He opened the show with a single from his new album, “Evil in the Night”, in which the iconic whistle of “Ghost Town” became the main feature, as his name appeared in black and white.

As the lights dimmed, Lambert appears from the dark with spotlights harmonising with the powerful beats of the song.

As the crowd sings along, the scene changes from black and white, to a masterpiece of colours as red and pink lights hit the stage. Along with multi-coloured graphics which emphasised his gaudy outfit.

With the powerful introduction, the first part of his show centred on the exquisite tempo of his talented band, as he demonstrates his dynamic vocals through “Rumors” and “Welcome To The Show”.  

There was a change in the atmosphere as he stood in one single spotlight and sang, “Mad World”, to which the room fell silent and the crowd was left to reminisce his American Idol days.

As the singer pauses for a break he chats with the audience as he discusses the concept of labels and having diversity within his fan base. The artist openly addressed his sexual orientation when he released his second album “Trespassing”, which premiered at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, making him the first openly gay artist to top the album charts.

With that being said he performs his hit song “Whataya Want From Me” from his first album in 2009, “For Your Entertainment”. As Lambert hits those high notes with ease, it was no surprise the audience was singing along to the top of their lungs.

From a sentimental atmosphere, he continues with a tribute to the legendary, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, instantly generated a dancing environment, showing how he can perform any type of music. Including performing the songs he collaborated with Nile Rogers and Lady Gaga, hitting every note.

Energy continues through the night as he introduces his up-tempo songs, all with a hint of techno beats. For example “Ghost Town”, which bursts into electronic beats yet still remains the haunting vibe, perfect for Lambert’s vocals.

He would not be Adam Lambert without his powerful and dynamic vocal range, which was executed throughout the whole night leaving fans to admire his capabilities.

Lambert delivered an impressive show proving to Manchester how he is a true performer who belongs on the stage. Throughout the night he did not fail to lose the life of the room, as from beginning to end the show was brilliantly prepared.

By Dhanna Estinozo


  1. Laurie Waller

    Thank you so much for the fine review of Adam Lambert. Glamberts everywhere are swooning from the performances of this inexplicable man. He seemed to especially enjoy his concerts in England. I can understand why, a wonderful country with a very warm welcome for a man we adore. US Glambert

  2. The best show by far from the first three I have seen on this European leg of #TheOriginalHighTour. Manchester was soooooo up for it and he knew it as soon as he walked on stage. There is no other artist today who dances and sings their way through a set with such energy,vocals on point, banter with the crowd and all in perfect tune. He puts so called superstars to shame #adamlambert is the brightest star and I would defy anyone to see this show and not be impressed. We adore this artist for the man he is and the joy he brings through music?

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