HAVING already interviewed Sigala before the gig, our reporter Lauren Bones took to Manchester Oxford Road to take in the talents of the increasingly popular dance artist…

Sigala payed Manchester’s very intimate venue Gorilla a visit on Friday September 23, armed with some infamous dance tracks and an amazing band or musicians and vocalists.

The most amazing thing about the set was the attention was not actually on Bruce himself, but on his band and those vocalists accompanying him.

His performance went to and from him playing his tracks with the live band, to him mixing some of the most popular and old school dance and club tracks of our time, such as ‘Jump Around‘ by House of Pain to ‘You’ve Got The Love‘ by Florence and The Machine.

There wasn’t a song in his set that the crowd didn’t know the words to.

The singers that Sigala had accompanying him were honestly breathtaking.

Their ability as vocalists was incredible and their stage presence matched this.

They were constantly getting the crowd hyped and ensuring everyone was dancing and just having a great time.

Pop-star, Imani Williams, came on to perform her two tracks with Sigala and the band, ‘I Don’t Need No Money‘ and ‘Say You Do‘ which was fantastic.

She looked absolutely stunning in a skin tight camo jumpsuit, a perfectly choreographed routine and the vocals to match.

The only issue with her performance was the crowd could not really hear her over the band at times, but that is no fault of her own, although a pre-show soundcheck may have aided the issue.

After performing about six tracks with the band, Sigala moved to centre stage on his own, with a laptop and mixers to do his own DJ set.

This worked so well, contrasting with the style of the performance with the band, as it was more like a club/rave atmosphere which is more his original style, however, doing the two different styles really showed the crowd his ability as a musician, as one minute he was playing the piano and the next he was mixing tracks.

To finish the show, a male vocalist took the stage to perform a more stripped down version of hit track ‘Sweet Lovin’, which honestly gave the entire room goose bumps.

Some of the notes this artist was hitting, I didn’t even know were humanly possible.

It was such a change of tempo at first, but then went back into the original upbeat, dance style to finish the whole performance.

Everything from the choreography to the stage presence of each individual person, from Sigala himself, to the band members, to the dancers, was mightily impressive.

It was such a feel-good gig, and there was a constant feeling of happiness and energy throughout the whole of the room.

The small size of Gorilla as a venue made the gig feel even more intimate and the energy from each fan in the room was almost contagious, definitely a very different vibe than you’d get from seeing Sigala at a venue like an Arena.

By Lauren Bones

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