BLOSSOMS returned to their hometown of Manchester to perform two sold out shows at the Albert Hall on December 2 and December 3. Our entertainment reporter, Abi White went along to the first show…

It’s been a crazy year for the Stockport five-piece band, Blossoms. With non-stop touring and covering festivals all over the world this summer, the band touched down back in their home town for their final shows in Manchester of 2016.

Following support from Inheaven, typical ‘Madchester’ bands’ songs echoed around the room. The northern audience sung along to the likes of Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’, and The Smiths’ ‘This Charming Man’ -holding pints of beer and cider in the air.

It wasn’t long before Blossoms sauntered onto the stage- taking their rightful place.

Their set opened with ‘At Most A Kiss, ‘ with the prominent bass line interwoven through the song, initiating the audience’s pogo-like jumping almost immediately.

This continued through the next two tracks, as Blossoms played the familiar hits, ‘Blow’ and ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed.’

The hints of 80’s synth alongside catchy lyrics make for the success of these songs, before ‘Smashed Pianos’ was up next on the set list, with undeniable hints of low-swung funk weaving through the track.

‘Madeline’ played next- a new song taken from the recently released extended album. The band also chose to play a handful more of the tracks taken from their extended album, including the likes of ‘Across The Moor,’ ‘Polka Dot Bones’ and ‘Fourteen’.

Adding the new tracks added new dynamics to the almost familiar set list that fans had become accustomed to through the year. Despite the songs not receiving reactions as great to that of their more popular track, they certainly earned a place on the set list.

As with every Blossoms performance, it wouldn’t be complete without front man, Tom Ogden’s acoustic session.

Despite calming the crowd, they fully immerse themselves within the acoustic tracks and let the music do the talking.

‘Onto Her Bed’ played, before Ogden dedicated ‘My Favourite Room’ to an audience member who had recently experienced a break-up, and personalized the song to his name.

“Tom? What a f**king great name,” Ogden laughed.

‘My Favourite Room’, which Odgen typically transforms into a medley of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ and Babybird’s ‘Your Gorgeous’ took a festive twist, as Ogen jokingly started to sing Wham’s  ‘Last Christmas’.

Nearing the end of their set, the band chose to showcase two tracks off their debut album before closing the show.

‘Charlemagne’ became the band’s closing number for their Albert Hall performance. As their arguably most popular track rippled through the audience, the room became showered with confetti as the crowd leapt along to the track.

As the cheers erupted in appreciation, Ogden initiated one final chant, as the audience sang the lyrics to ‘Blow’ one final time at the top of their lungs.

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