GREATER Manchester Police is warning against a number of fraudulent emails which have been sent to the public claiming that they have been caught speeding.

The email claims that the motorist of a ‘undisclosed’ vehicle was caught breaking the speed limit of 25 mph before asking for additional details, such as payment cards, to reveal details of the offence.

An example email which Quays News has been provided with reads, “We have photographic data that the driver of motor vehicle failed to adhere with a speed limit at the date, time and location.” 

The email attachment goes on to say, “In accordance with Section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, we hereby inform you that it is mandatory to proceedings against the driver of motor vehicle.”

The scam tricks the reader into believing that they were found speeding at 2:26pm on the 30th of November on a stretch of the A575 Bolton Road, near Thorpe Street, Walkden.

Detective Inspector Martin Hopkinson, of the force’s Serious Crime Division, said: “Greater Manchester Police is aware of a scam email circulating, informing the recipient that they have been caught speeding.”

He explained that the email is capable of infecting computers where the link has been opened and warned that criminals may be able to access data, posing a threat to those that store financial information on their machines.

“I would urge people to delete any such emails and ensure they always have the most up – to – date security software… GMP would never send out correspondence via email requesting payment of fines nor will we ask  for your personal and financial information”, he said.

If caught speeding, the local police force of the area will send out a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ or an ‘NIP’ to the address of the offender that is registered with the DVLA.

The current penalty for speeding is a minimum of three points and a maximum of a lifetime ban and imprisonment, depending on the circumstances.

If anyone has received the email it has been advised not to open or download any attachments and contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040



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