THREE people were arrested, 14 vehicles were seized and 98 motorists received tickets as part of a crackdown on crime in Longsight yesterday.

The day of action, which took place as part of #GMPChristmas, targeted those causing misery during the festive period.

Fifty police officers joined forces with court enforcement and immigration officers to execute the day of action against criminals.

Of the three people arrested, one was for failure to appear at court, another was for overstaying and the third was for theft of vehicle.

In addition, 14 vehicles were seized for traffic related incidents and one stolen vehicle was recovered.

Traffic officers issued 98 traffic offence reports to motorists for a number of offences including using a mobile phone, speeding and no insurance.

Court enforcement officers recovered £4,000 in outstanding fines and approximately £8,000 was recovered under the proceeds of crime act.

Sergeant Nick Bamber from the Longsight Neighbourhood Policing Team said:

“Yesterday’s day of action sends a very clear message to offenders that their behaviour won’t be tolerated.

“The festive period should be a joyous occasion and as yesterday’s activity demonstrates, we won’t be winding down for Christmas and letting a small minority ruin it for law-abiding citizens.

“If you have information on a crime, or want to let us know about the whereabouts of a wanted person, then please do the right thing and contact us before they ruin somebody’s Christmas.”


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