SALFORD University is celebrating its 50th and a number of events are being run across the university for students and staff to enjoy.

Earlier in the year, a new coat of arms was unveiled in celebration along with it being one element of a major shift in the brand position of Salford University.  

To mark the celebration, Salford University are hosting a large number of events, some of which include a ‘Meeting Point’ photography exhibition, ‘The Mix’ concert which involves a range of musical styles performed by the university students and finally the Vice-Chancellor’s Fun Run which is in aid of Kidscan.

You can see a full list of the events happening for the celebration here.

Amber-Lilly Goulden is a student and alumni engagement for Salford University. She has spoken about her role in the university and the events that are taking place to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

“There are loads of events going on, we’re trying to connect more with past students of the uni.

Amber continued, “We are hosting a summer barbecue for them where they can interact with students.”

See a short interview here:

As the University of Salford turns 50, they are asking students, present and past, and staff, for their memories and the contributions they have made to student life for a commemorative website.  

Jackie Kay, MBE and Chancellor of the  Salford University has written a poem in celebration.

You can have your say and share your memories in many forms if that be a video, images, written text or even a series of tweets!

Take a look at the history of the university here!

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