UBERACCESS will be available to users on their Uber app from 23 March and it aims to help wheelchair users get around easier.

The service will only be available in Manchester and Birmingham for now and will now be replacing UberWAV, the wheelchair service that was introduced to Londoners back in May 2016.

Wheelchair users will be able to request a licensed, private-hire vehicle at just the tap of a finger. They will have access to a reliable service with no added extra costs. Users can book a ride at the same price as an uberX fare.

New users can get up to £15 off their first Uber ride by entering the code ‘ACCESSUK’ in the app.

A journey will only begin once the user is safely secured in the vehicle, meaning customers do not have to rush or be stressed in any way that the time they are taking is costing them more money.

Alex Belardinelli head of communications at Uber UK said: “It is very exciting. We will be expanding the service in both Manchester and Birmingham more over the next coming weeks and months.”

Passengers will be able to ride safely and comfortably, with a rear-entry ramp, and restraints.

As well as this, drivers will undergo specialist Disability Equality Training to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to offer their customers the best service possible.

Uber assure customers that they will be trying hard to keep waiting times as low as possible. However, they expect a 20-minute waiting time in both Manchester and Birmingham as the service continues to grow and develop.

Danni Ahmed, a wheelchair user in Manchester, is delighted by the idea of a service like this in Manchester: “I’m happy that wheelchair users have the opportunity to use uber to get around Manchester. I hope people will use the service and that the idea works out in the long run.

“Getting around can sometimes be difficult, taxis can be expensive and uncomfortable and buses can sometimes take a while, however people like me have another option which I’m excited to try out. I hope this service spreads across to the rest of the UK shortly.”

All vehicles are equipped to hold a standard wheelchair comfortably long with one additional passenger. But if you do have a larger wheelchair contact supportuk@uber.com for more information.

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