PEACE CAMPAIGNERS staged a Salford bridge commemoration to pay tribute to the victims of the Westminster terror attacks last Wednesday.

The Faith Network for Manchester, alongside the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) gathered on a bridge in Salford Quays to honour the memory of the victims of the London terror attacks.

Salford bridge commemoration
Hummus Not Hate

They were joined by representatives from Manchester’s Jewish, Christian and Sikh communities – with over 50 people taking part.

A minute’s silence was held at precisely 2.40pm to commemorate the victims of the terror attacks in Westminster – the exact time the attack started.

Mansoor Khan, Regional Youth leader of the AMYA said: “We want to show people the peaceful Islam that we follow and denounce the perverted version of Islam promoted by hate preachers.”[pullquote]Our motto is “love for all, hatred for none” – Mohammad Kashif – Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association[/pullquote]

”The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of God be on him, called on Muslims to be loyal to their nations and to always treat all people, of all backgrounds, with equal love and humanity

”We hope to engage with the general public and foster greater unity through open and honest dialogue. We want to show people the peaceful Islam that we follow and denounce the perverted version of Islam promoted by hate preachers.”


Rabbi Warren Elf, from the Faith Network for Manchester, who marked the beginning and end of the minute’s silence, said: ” I think it’s important for contact between groups, I think it’s important that each of us knows we can reach out to each other and that we support each other.

“I also think it’s important that the rest of British society knows that people of faith and other similar ideas do stand together at these times.”

He said: “The intention of our coming here was that the group of people from our mosque and surroundings should come here and show solidarity with the people of this country.

“We feel that if we come together to condemn such an action then the purpose behind such a task to cause fear and pain to society cannot happen if us, the people, come together.”

Alongside those from Manchester’s many faith communities, other notable guests included Councillor David Burn, Mayor of Keswick in Cumbria.


Salford bridge commemoration
Cllr David Burn – Mayor of Keswick with participants of the Salford bridge commemoration

By Cat Burnett and Stefan Jajecznyk

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