KESTON COBBLERS CLUB brand new album, Almost Home, is a heady mix of various styles, from the sound of calypso, English folk and indie rock.

There are very few folk acts that can make an album as uplifting as this is. From the opening bars of the title track, through to the closing strains of All I need, there is very little to dislike.

In fact, Almost Home may well become my album of the summer, it really is that good. You’ll be hard pushed to find one that will get your feet tapping and feeling so happy as this.

Formed in Kent circa 2009 by siblings Matthew and Julia Lowe, and childhood friend Tom Sweet, Keston Cobblers Club spent their first couple of years releasing demos, and it really shows in the finished product.

17821143_1392583814148584_967146529_nStand out tracks on this, their third album, include Bicycles, Hand That Feeds You and the title track.

There really are no fillers on this album.

They are currently on tour around the UK, and you can catch them at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on the 18th April.

I would recommend seeing them now, before they break out of the fringes and onto the mainstream.

Music that not only deserves to be heard, but demands it.

The musicianship is beautiful, every member knows their craft so well, and they make music sound effortless. Its soul stirringly good stuff!


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