Suffering a miscarriage is any new parent’s worst nightmare; for Leigh France, 27, and his ex-partner, they had to experience the ordeal twice.

With their first born son, Jackson, doctors told the couple they had found an anomaly. After running more tests, they discovered that their son had a hole in his heart, Edwards syndrome, and many other complications. At 21 weeks, they had to give birth to a stillborn baby. Christopher, their second born son, stopped breathing inside the womb at 20 weeks and 4 days, resulting in another stillbirth.

According to the Miscarriage Association, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage; around 1 in 100 women experience recurrent miscarriages.

Leigh was with his ex-partner for six and a half years before deciding to go their separate ways after the relationship broke down.

Attending counselling for two and a half months, Leigh focused on moving his life forward, saying: “The best thing I ever did was actually go and seek help from someone who wasn’t a family member, who didn’t know me, someone who could picture themselves in that situation and help you through it the best that they could.”

Leigh met his current partner, Jody, 36 at Fine Décor in Holmes Chapel, where they both work. He said: “I fancied her from day one really, always thought she was stunning, I never thought I’d be lucky enough to take her out on a date.”

After dating for three weeks, Jody fell pregnant. Despite the little time they had been together Leigh says they were both honest with each other about what they wanted out of life.

With Leigh’s life back on track, the excitement of a baby brought newfound happiness that was about to be doubled.

Knowing that there were two babies on the way, Leigh constantly panicked over the welfare of Jody, saying: “I wouldn’t let her lift a finger, I’d run round the house like a lunatic after her making sure she was alright, taking her tablets, vitamins, eating her fruit and veg. I didn’t want the same thing happening again.

“It was a good feeling to see the twins grow and develop but at the same time it was a constant worry and I always thought of the ‘what ifs’.”

On 28th April at 12:12 and 12:15, Harry Thomas and Hazel Mae were delivered by cesarean section at Leighton Hospital. Describing how he felt when the babies arrived, Leigh states that it was a ” complete mix of emotions, happiness, joy, and at the same time it was worry and panic.”

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