Liverpool based rockers Clean Cut Kid talk about their ethos with Quays reporter Tilly Marsh – “listen to yourself – even if your material flops at least you can be happy with the output. If it’s a success? Even better!”

The Liverpudlian four-piece that have gone from zero to electric, since forming in 2014 the band have played at various festivals, gigs and are now supporting the indie icons, The Kooks.

Before they were set to support the Kooks for the first leg of the UK ‘Best Of The Kooks’ tour, the band discussed how they came together, the music industry and how they wish they were not put in a box.

“The more difficult it is for people to put a label on us or put us in a box, that is the goal.”

Saul’s story of joining the line-up was particularly interesting; Mike had seen him years earlier in a recording studio, however he was very much under the radar, with no mobile phone or any social media, until they discovered him busking on the streets of Liverpool in the early hours of one morning and asked if he would join the band.

The question on the fans minds for any band is where the name comes from. Interestingly due to Mike’s song writing influences being the likes of classic song writers; Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Roy Orbison and so on, Saul shared “Mike’s brother actually came up with the name, Bob Dylan is a big influence on his song writing so he said pick a Bob Dylan song from when he went from acoustic to electric and that is where Clean Cut Kid came from.”

Clean Cut Kid had some words of advice to band newbies:

“Be careful who you take advise from and always make sure your laces are tied.”

Their debut album, Felt, is set to be released on 5th May. You can preorder the album from their website.


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