Our reporter Molly Jacobsen-Hunt got exclusive access to the brand new Ziferblat at MediaCity. Read on to find out more.

Ever felt like going home on your lunch break for a nice brew and a homely environment but never wanted to make the journey? Well your prayers have been answered.

The brand new Ziferblat opened at MediaCity UK today.

Ziferblat welcomes everyone from students to business owners to sit and do as you please, like an extension of your own home at the small price of 8p per minute.

For this small price, Ziferblat offers you hot drinks, snacks, board games, Wi-Fi and much more for one thing in return, you have to wash your own cup.

Ben Davies, Marketing Director of Ziferblat, was excited for the opening of the new branch, he said: “I think MediaCity is a really interesting location. There is nothing quite like it in the UK or even the world.

“Even though it is a new location, the response we’ve had from the research project and from us initially announcing that we’re actually going to be here has been overwhelming, more so than any other branch we’ve opened before. Which obviously fills me with confidence.”

The brand new Ziferblat at MediaCity is the largest branch you will find in the world, it beats the branch in the Northern Quarter by 300sq feet, which was previously held the record.

The spaces in which Ziferblat create mirror the area in which they are set up. Talking about the space at MediaCity, Ben said: “this is a big, open studio space and what we have tried to do is combine that with the kind of chintzy, domestic sitting room feel with the fact we are in a huge triple height ceiling unit.”

Not only can you relax in Ziferblat for a small price, but mirroring the Liverpool branch, the brand new location offers you a coffee to go in return for what you think it’s worth.

On entering the relaxing space, you will find to go cups and an ‘honesty box’; this is where you throw in how much you think the hot drink is worth.  

If you are looking for a quirky location to hold meetings or even go to a gig, Ziferblat welcomes anyone and everyone. Ben added: “we are meant to be all inclusive.

“We get everything from pensioners catching up over a brew all the way to students who are playing a board game.

“We have lots of events planned. We did a big research project before we started this to try and speak to the people that lived and worked in MediaCity to ask them what kind of stuff they wanted.

“So this is what we will do.”

With spaces where you can hold business meetings and even your wedding, what more could you ask for? Grab your friends, colleagues and students and head down to the brand new Ziferblat at MediaCity UK.

Also you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

Watch the rest of the Interview with Ben here:

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