Oxfam are trying to locate the author or his nearest relatives to give back the letters found in their Swinton shop.

The manager of the Swinton Oxfam shop is appealing to Salford residents or anyone that could help reunite the letters to their author or relatives. The three letters were written by a Mr George Clegg and were addressed to his mother, who is believed to be Mrs Caroline Clegg, at 63 Ariel Street in Weaste, Salford, which was demolished back in 1980.

Swinton Oxfam Manager, Kevin Spencer says “I found the letters inside one of the cupboards in my Swintongeorge letters 1 shop and would like to give them back to their rightful owner”

“We’re wondering if anyone knew of the family or any descendants or relatives that would be interested in coming forward and sharing a little bit of their history”

Duncan McCormick, Salford’s local historian states “I’ve george letters 3had a quick look through the Electoral Registers and there is a George E. Clegg and a Caroline Clegg living at 63 Ariel Street in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s”

“It looks like they had four children including a George H.” These children are stated in the Letters as being Kathleen, Ann and Thomas.

McCormick says “I think it’s a good chance that George H. Clegg is the author of the letters, sending them back to his mother Caroline Clegg.”

Research has led to the believe that the author, George Clegg, was somewhere in Germany at the time the letters were written, as his unit/regiment is stated at the top right corner of one of his letters as being ‘20th Ordinance Field Park’ which on the British army units’ website was formed in Germany in the late 50s. Accompanying the Unit/regiment is a Zip code, locating Mr Clegg to a Herford, Germany.george letters 2

Spencer states “we get thousands and thousands of donations a year and our brilliant volunteers sift through them and every now and again we find an absolute gem like these.

“it’s always nice if we can relocate things like these to families.”

If you have any information regarding the letters, or want to donate, please contact the Swinton Oxfam shop at 0161 794 3829 or oxfamshopf1142@oxfam.org.uk


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