WWE (or World Wrestling Entertainment) has been a hit with both children and adults ever since it was established 37 years ago in 1980. It has turned wrestlers like John Cena, The Undertaker and Triple H into global superstars and household names, offering up a level of drama, action and entertainment unseen in any other sport.

What you don’t think when somebody asks about wrestling however, is Salford. Well, that might just be about to change.

Salford’s Wrestlepro is run by UK  superstar, Pip “Bubblegum”Carter, who has made an impressive name for himself wrestling on the independent circuit for a number of years. Now he hopes to bring the biggest stars from the UK as well as top international talent to the North West to give people the chance to watch awesome matches and even learn some moves themselves.

That’s right, Wrestlepro has its own pro-wrestling training academy where you can learn all the moves you see on Smackdown or Raw safely and skillfully.

Watch Cyanide vs Skyline for a taste of the action!

The organisation, who are based at Well In Gym on Broughton Road, Salford offer an alternative day out for the family, as well as a unique and exciting way to keep in shape or get fit.

Oliver Smith,19, of Bolton Road, who films Wrestlepro’s events said:

” Wrestlepro is a professional wrestling promotion based in salford

“We have just started to put on a show on the last Sunday of every month”

With the company growing rapidly, Wrestlepro are looking into move into a new 2000 capacity venue which will inevitably attract more superstars to their growing roster

When asked about wrestling rise in popularity, he said:

“Wrestling is story telling. Where other people watch Coronation Street or Emmerdale, we watch Wrestling. It’s just entertainment”

He went on to say, “we train people no matter what their ability”, making wrestling a fantastic alternative way to exercise and a great new hobby that you would have never previously thought of trying.

Listen to the full interview here:


Their next event, “Rise Up” is on Sunday 28th and is sure to pack a punch with The Bruise Brothers on show alongside The Idol and The Rarebit.

tickets are on sale now!


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  1. Superb show. Recommended for all ages, wrestle fans or not. Fun, laughter, great banter, shocks and awe. Stunning athleticism and a credit to Manchester.

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