THE peaceful campaign, called ‘Awakening Compassion’, involved the vegan activist group standing on Market Street, trying to reach out to the public to inform them about the ‘reality of the meat and dairy industry.’

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In the past years the exposure of what happens to animals in slaughterhouses has become something in which a large group of people wish to raise more awareness of.

The Manchester Animal Action group is amongst those who strive to make a change in the community.

The group set up a stall in the middle of the street filled with vegan food samples for walkers by to try giving them an insight in what the vegan diet is like.

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One of the activists, Lukas Buricin, explained: “We are here today to try and show to people that veganism is the answer to the cruelty that happens in slaughterhouses, and the destruction caused by the industry”.

He explained that their aim is to try and influence as many people as possible to convert to a vegan diet.

“People gather round the stall because they are curious about what the vegan lifestyle is like, and we have people leaving saying they are going to change their diet and that’s why we are here”, explained Lukas.

The group often experience people arguing with their comments however the group believe this is a positive as shows that people are still thinking about the industry. Lukas stated “It’s much better when people are being cheeky than them being ignorant”.

Listen to vegan activist, Lukas’ full interview here:

 As of last year according to the Vegan Society at least 542,000 people in Britain are now following a vegan diet. Which is a staggering increase compared to the last estimate of 150,000 made ten years ago.

The statistics display that a change is being made. Lukas said, “We are making the correct steps forward but we can still do more.”

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The group will continue to host these events every Sunday of October in hope to make a significant impact to the people of Manchester.

You can follow the event on Facebook by clicking the link here.

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