BLEAKHOLT animal sanctuary will make their dogs happy this Christmas due to two local dog lovers who are raising money to provide them presents.

Canine lovers, Caroline Shaw and Kath Mills took to just giving to raise money for dogs who have not been rehomed.

Many dogs have been successful at Bleakholt and have managed to be rehomed however, there is still a large number of dogs who have not.

Caroline and Kath are using the money raised to sponsor all the dogs at Bleakholt and to provide Christmas presents for dogs that will be there over the Christmas period.

Caroline, 26, from Radcliffe, said: “This place is so close to my heart for a few reasons. Not only do some of my wonderful clients come from Bleakholt, but my beautiful boy Jack does as well.

“We met Jack by chance one day, fell in love quite instantly and started the process to bring him home.

“The staff were warm, helpful and gave as much information as possible about our new family member. It was very hard to ignore how dedicated every person there was to the wellbeing of each animal in their care”.

Toby, the Jack Russell
Toby, the Jack Russell

Caroline shared her personal experience with a Jack Russell named Toby with Quays. Even though Toby’s life ended quite sadly, Caroline explained that without Bleakholt, Toby would not have had the 2 happy years he had, and she would forever be grateful to them.

Caroline decided to raise money due to her experience. “I decided to try and raise enough money to cover a sponsorship for each dog there who needs one, which is currently 10.

“At first I wanted to just focus on buying a Christmas present for each dog, as I was buying things for mine but then, I started looking on Bleakholts website and saw the sponsorships, which helps with ongoing vet treatment and supplies for dogs who can’t be rehomed.”

Kath Mills, owner of Slick as a Dog, said: “Last year I did a food collection for Bolton destitute animal shelter, I do one each year for different charity.

“This year we chose Bleakholt between us as Caroline got one of her dogs from there.

“I’m collecting food, blankets etc. Making treat cones for dogs, donating 10p per sale and matching the amount raised from them so effectively 20p per sale.

“We’re doing it between us, Caroline did the just giving page and some of my clients will be donating money to that too”. 

Kath Mills’ present for dogs
Kath Mills’ present for dogs

The original target on the Just Giving page was £500, but as Caroline said, she was expecting to have to put some of her own money towards the donation to hit the target but the target was hit and went over £500 within a week.

Caroline has now taken her own money that she was going to use to provide prizes for a raffle to boost the money raised.

The pair are now doing all they can to raise enough money possible to donate a cash amount to Bleakholt as well.

“Now the aim is just to do as much as possible, so I am working with my friend Kath Mills who is a dog groomer and shares my love for dogs

“We are also doing a food appeal to all our clients and fellow dog lovers”.

Karen, Sanctuary Manager from Bleakholt, said: “It is wonderful that Caroline and Kath are doing this for Bleakholt.

“We like all our dogs who are with us over Christmas to be able to have a Christmas gift. It will mean so much to the dogs on site and give them their very own Christmas Day.

“We are so grateful to Caroline and Kath for doing this for our dogs at Bleakholt”.

Bleakholt is an animal sanctuary which has many animals without a home.

To donate,  you can click here and you can also contact Bleakholt on 01706 822577.

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