A ‘LAN’ party is taking place in Manchester on Halloween to raise money for charity.

For those that do not know, a LAN party is where a gathering of people bring their computer or consoles and play on them using a local area network (LAN) using a router.

This network is used so that gamers can play multiplayer video games together.

The event will take place at Leewood Hall, Benja Fold Off Ack Lane East, Bramhall in Stockport on Tuesday, October 31 at 9 AM to 6:00 PM, and the event is aimed to raise money for The Christie charity.

The event was originally at Aria Technology but has recently been changed.

David Wright, organiser of the event, tells Quays News more detail about why he is holding this event: “It’s due to having a friend sadly pass away with cancer, and how well he was treated and looked after at The Christie, each time I went to visit him.

“He had an interest in gaming.

“He also had a love of fireworks; this is why we are having fireworks as the finale.”

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The event is sponsored by Western Digital, Crucial Ballistix Memory, Overclockers UK, Tesco, Qwertee, Nadeo Of Ubisoft, Evil Controllers, Nomad Games, Jinx, Insert Coin Clothing, Utomik, Arcade Club, Dovetail Games, Trafford Golf Centre, Paradise Island Adventure Golf Manchester, The VR Den, Bee VR and Chorlton Fireworks.

The sponsors have donated some items for a raffle that will be running throughout the venue and all the money raised will be going to charity.

Corporate fundraising manager for The Christie charity, Danielle Carney, said: “It’s because of amazing supporters coming up with ever-inventive ways to raise money for The Christie charity, that we are able to continue funding over and above what the NHS provides to cancer patients and their families.

“Good luck to all the gamers!”

Furthermore, Tesco has donated tubs of sweets so that gamers can eat some sugar while they game.

The tubs will be dotted around the venue along with some virtual reality systems for gamers to try.

To go to the event, it will cost £5 to get a ticket and Wright recommends you let him know beforehand if you need to borrow a computer.

There is only room for thirty people at the venue.

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