Building the bridge between science and music, 2017 Josh Award Winner Jon Chase guest starred at Salford University to celebrate the start of science week.

The science communicator came to Media City on Friday to demonstrate his original and unique way of explaining science through the medium of rap.

Jon Chase, science rapper

After Jon started as a DJ he turned to rapping about his passion for science and later got approached by a woman who worked for NASA Astrobiology Magazine who asked Jon to produce a rap for NASA in 2008. See the video below.

He explained, “I ended up doing a rap about astrobiology and after that it took off from there”.

Jon revealed that suddenly “everyone was interested in me”, which lead to him later writing science raps for BBC Bitesize, in order to help to spread the word about science.

Jon wanted to emphasis that science is not just for children and he hopes more adults will start to engage with the subject.

He aims to influence people so that, for example, when they come across a science article in a newspaper that they would read it instead of putting it down, thinking that it is not something they would understand.

“I want people to just feel that science is part of their lives and that they can get involved rather than just being so scared by it” he stated.

Manchester Science Festival is running till the 29th October. For more information on events around the city click here.   

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