The Printworks are using bees from their rooftop garden to raise money for two local charities by selling the pure Mancunian honey.

The Printworks have been raising money for charities the Booth centre and Forever Manchester using the honey made by the bees on top of their rooftop.

The huge business teamed up with The Hard Rock café selling £10 limited edition jars of honey to the public to raise money for the two charities who help homeless people and fund activities for the young and old who are in distress. Located just in Manchester centre, opposite the Arndale, the Printworks is home to many other huge businesses, and is a very popular place for visitors and residents of Manchester to visit. So far, the project has managed to raise over £2000 for the charities, which is really a great accomplishment.

When it first came out back in 2014 the bespoke labels designed by Mancsy, a street artist, sold out within a week. After jars signed by artists were sold at £75! The pure Mancunian honey, is truly delicious and sweet, and has been applauded for its taste by customers.

The #livefromthehive project first began with the thought of how to use their free rooftop space that they had all to themselves. After speaking with Fred Booth from management at the Printworks, he said “The decision was made to capitalise on the symbol of the bee that Manchester is famous for, by installing bee hives.”

Booth also spoke about why the Printworks chose these charities. They wanted to help people close to home. With Manchester being home to many homeless people and many families in need of some kind of support, the charities were and obvious pick for the Printworks.

The now rooftop garden is home to over 60,000 bees and 20 different kinds of fruit and vegetables. It can be promised that the bees are looked after. Booth said “The Printworks invested in the bees, hives, nucleuses, extraction and bottling equipment and of course the training at award winning Heaton Park Apiary.” In attempt they made the fruit and vegetable patches to make Manchester more bee friendly.

2017 has been a tough year for Manchester, and what better way to celebrate it with the selling of honey from Manchester’s mascot the bee. Currently it has been awarded the Green Apple award for its commitment to the environment.

You can order your batch of honey by calling the Hard Rock café on 01618316700 to help them continue to raise money for local charities. For more information you can visit their website

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