Students working the the Student’s Union will not have to worry about losing their jobs should the campaign for the living wage be successful, says SU Vice President.

The proposed increase from £7.51, put forward by Vice President Jon-Connor Lyons, would see the minimum wage go up to £8.75 per hour for all staff working at the SU.

This change would affect all casual staff at the SU, which includes the bar/cafe staff, events staff as well as info point staff.

With many students having to work more than the SU maximum of 16 hours by seeking additional employment, it is hoped that an increase would alleviate the financial burden.

The Vice President said, “Some of the staff are having to work the 16 hour max and then also work other jobs.

“Their main job here doesn’t pay enough so they’re having to work second and third jobs in order to subsidise their degree.”

Initial reaction to the campaign, on the ‘Big Ideas’ section of the SU website, has been positive with the idea garnering 85 thumbs up however, their has been some opposition to the campaign within the forum comments.

Student Daniel Edge, 23, expressed concern at the potential knock down effect the increase will have on other areas of SU funding stating, “As the students union is a non-profit organisation, any extra funds to staff cost will be at the expensive of other union funded student activities.

Salford Student's Union
Salford Student’s Union

“As the union is unlikely to reallocate funds from other areas, a pay increase will lead to less hours available for students, leaving them less well off on a weekly and monthly basis not just an hourly one.”

Despite this, reassurances were given to current employees that the proposed change is “affordable” and has been properly budgeted to avoid change in hours or their employment status.

The campaign will be running until the 13th December when a campaign paper will be put forward to the Trustee Board who will make the final decision.

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