Salford University welcome the wider multi-faith community and their leaders today to celebrate Salford’s Multi Faith Week and the developments made since their opening this Februrary.

Bishops Mark Davies and John Arnold along with Muslim faith leaders will be representing the Salford and Manchester area amongst other members of the local community at the University’s faith centre from 12pm to 2pm today.

Salford's Multi Faith week
The newly-opened Salford Faith Centre.

This coincides with the UK Inter Faith week 2017 that has been taking place from Sunday 12 November to Sunday 19 November, a week aiming to celebrate the achievements of local religious communities.

Sister Teresa Wild, Catholic Chaplain for the Faith Centre, made clear what a meaningful visit this will be for the centre, being the first opportunity for an open event for the wider Salford community outside the campus.

Salford's Multi Faith Week
Chaplains of the four religions based in the centre

The Multi-faith Salford forum have been invited, having been involved in activities with the centre in the past, representing the strongly positive religious community to be found in the Salford area.

The Faith leaders have been in a great deal of contact with the centre since its inception, acting as supporters for the chaplains of their respective religions and to assist with the development of the facility.

Sister Wild said: “We are responsible to them for the work we do here.”

We aim for Salford’s multi faith week, and today, to be an opportunity for the public to meet those of many faiths, and even those of no faith to share their discussion and thoughts.”

The Salford Faith was seen to cost £890,000 for their development, their intention to be open in late 2016 being impossible due to delays.

Following the Centre’s opening they have seen many visitors including some special guests consisting of a group from the David Yellin College of Education at the end of last summer.

This was an attempt to promote an exchange of ideas between the many faiths housed at the centre, acting as a safe multi-faith space.

Sister Wild said: “It was a good event, it was really good to be able to see and welcome them, and for them to see the kind of place that we have.”

Where we promote interfaith dialogues and interfaith friendships while still being definite in our own beliefs we can work in mutual respect with other faiths.”

Salford's Multi Faith Week
A look inside the Salford Faith Centre.

The centre hosts weekly faith activities, services for Catholic, Anglican and Muslim visitors, but also welcome

those of no faith openly.

The centre can be contacted at and more information about Multi Faith week can be found website here.

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