Socialist Students have gathered in Manchester to protest for free education and fight for socialism on Tory budget day.

The Socialist Students based in Manchester are a small group, part of a wider network of university students across the UK.

The national organisation of Socialist Students stepped out today to shutdown education as we know it.

The organiser of the Manchester Socialist Students, Becci Heagney, said: ”The Tories are weak at the moment, they are trying to give the impression that they are giving some concessions by talking about reducing tuition fees.


‘’So we think that’s a sign that they are weak and students should rally now to kick the Tory’s out and support Jeremy Corbyn who is standing for free education’’.

The Tory party has seen a lot of criticism in recent times due to having to rely on the DUP to stay in power after their election campaign didn’t end the way they had hoped.

Under pressure over Brexit and their panic about implementing further austerity and the reaction it will provoke amongst the population, the Socialist Students believe it’s time to take action now.

They want a mass movement of students, like the ones seen in 2010 when fees were trebled, as this could bring down the Tories and show them that students are prepared to fight for free education.

Becci said: ‘’It’s our future, we are the ones that are going to be saddled with lots of debt when we leave university.

‘’The Tories have bailed out the bankers, with the Paradise papers you can see how much money there is in society and that can be used to fund free education, so we think that we shouldn’t just sit back and let them do what they want, we should fight back’’.

The socialist movement is all about fighting for a fair society for the people, as they believe there is enough wealth and resources in the world to be able to provide for everyone.

Becci added: ‘’There was a woman a few weeks ago who had her benefits cut and she was found frozen to death in her flat because she couldn’t afford to put her heating on.

‘’That’s in Britain and in the 21st century. So we think capitalism as a system isn’t helping us, it can’t provide the most basic things for people that socialism can.

‘’We are about using the resources to benefit people, provide decent jobs, free education, free health care and proper investment into developing society’’.

The 2017 budget revealed that an extra £3 Billion to prepare for Brexit over the next two years. The NHS will also receive £6.3 Billion of new funding to upgrade buildings, improve care, reduce waiting times and A&E performance.

The budget has also promised 300,000 new homes a year. More investment will go towards maths and science in schools and a new railcard for those aged 26 to 30.

The budget has not brought any changes to tuition fees.

The Socialist Students believe this will encourage more students to mobilise and take action for the future.

To find out more information about Socialist Students Manchester or to get involved with their movement click here. 

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