Five candidates have been announced for the upcoming by-election in Salford’s Langworthy, following the death of Councillor Paul Longshaw this year.

The Labour Party will be defending the ward, and have announced Wilson Nkurunziza as their candidate, who will be protecting a 24% lead in the by-election due to take place on 14th December.

UKIP did not nominate a candidate for the by-election, despite finishing second in the previous by-election in 2016.

Other candidates include Independent candidate Michael Felse, Conservative candidate James Mount, Liberal Democrat candidate Jake Overend and Green Party candidate Ian Pattinson.

Residents in Langworthy have until 28th November to register to vote in time for the election.

Jim Taylor, the Returning Officer for Salford City Council, said: “Councillor Paul Longshaw sadly passed away so a by-election has been called to find a new councillor to fill his seat.

“This is your opportunity to have your say on who represents your community and views in Langworthy so make your mark at the election.”

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