THE Alchemist in MediaCityUK is serving Christmas menus that take a twist on the typical English Christmas cuisine and cocktails.

The restaurant and bar which opened in Media City in September is known for its outrageous alcoholic and virgin concoctions.

Manager Vicky Hodgkisson said: “We don’t like to bring out something that’s conventional.”



The Christmassy drinks feature flavours of cinnamon, warm fruits, spiced rum, and other festive tastes, with five new cocktails exclusive to the season.

The ‘Mulled Negroni’ is a house favourite, which is a take on mulled wine that has Campari mixed in and is served with dry ice to give it a smoking effect.


“We are really keen at challenging convention…we always try to do something different. We like to be one step ahead of the game,” said Hodgkisson.


The exclusive food menu offers steak and traditional turkey mains but mixes it up with a choice of roast salmon, as well as a pumpkin and butternut squash dish.

The Alchemist Christmas food and drink menus for 2017.


Since opening in September, the Alchemist, which is on the bridge by the Lowry, has experienced overall positive feedback and a busy crowd, and  anticipates the same for its Christmas menus.


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