A MURAL has been spray painted on the side of a building in Monton, Manchester to remember the ones we lost at the Manchester Arena attack.

The mural was set up by Marc Gallanders the creator of the twitter account @BeeStrongMCR.

The BeeStrongMCR platform was created to help children, parents and teachers talk about what had happened regarding the attack.

They sent activity packs into schools that were also available for download for them to use.

A week after the attack Marc was approached by Russell Meehan also known by his graffiti name Qubek.

Russell said: “We were looking for how the community could come together and share positivity.”

He suggested an idea about doing a mural for the 22 people that had passed away.

Having already done another mural in the city of the 22 bees but wanted this one to be different and more community based.

He adds: “It’s not looking at the 22 bees idea it was more looking at the way the Mancunians came together.

“And how the city really responded together.”

The mural does contain bees however it has more of a colourful and floral look to it.

The flowers that are painted throughout the mural have symbolic meanings.

Russell said: “The rose symbolises love, as there was a lot of love pouring out of the city after what had happened.” 

The whole project was crowd funded by local schools, businesses such as Costa Coffee and a Just Giving page.

Marc said: “People as far a Texas were donating to the cause”

People not only from Texas donated but people from all around the world did too.

He adds: “The mural was done to show a message of resilience and positivity.”

The mural took just three days to complete, with the help of a scissor lift!


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