GREATER Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, has responded to an internal review about the Manchester bombing that took place today at the House of Commons.

The attack took place 22nd May 2017 at the Manchester Arena during the final song at an Ariana Grande concert.

23 people died in the attack, including Salman Abedi, the man responsible for the bombing.

In a statement, Burnham said: “There is no escaping the fact that the report will be a difficult read for everyone in Manchester and most particularly for the bereaved families and those still recovering from the attack.

“We think of them today and recommit to doing everything we can to support them going forward.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham

“I also recognise that today will be difficult for all those in the police and security services who we ask to take the most difficult and finely-balanced judgements on our behalf.

“They work day in, day out to keep us safe, have foiled 20 attacks over the last four years and will no doubt feel real anguish when occasionally they are unable to stop an attack from happening.”

The report, conducted by David Anderson QC, found that the Salam Abedi was a “Subject of Interest” for MI5 and, despite this, when Abedi returned from Libya just four days before the attack, he was not questioned by officials at the border.

Burnham continued: “This report is the result of a lot of soul-searching on their [MI5’s] behalf and I accept its conclusion that there is no way of knowing whether the Manchester attack could have been stopped.

“But it is clear that things could – and perhaps should – have been done differently and wrong judgements made.

“There are lessons to be learned and I think the people of Greater Manchester will appreciate the honesty in which they are being acknowledged.”

The review also found that Khuram Butt, the leader of the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks that took place this year, was on MI5’s radar as well.




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