The Mobike UK bike hiring scheme has returned to Salford.

In a Twitter statement on Monday afternoon, the company announced the expansion to the geo-fence range of their bikes.

Mobike is a bike-hiring scheme that launched in Salford and Manchester in June. The scheme allows customers to temporarily rent a bike through their app, and park it at their destination for another ‘Mobiker’ to come and use. 

On the 14th of November, Mobike publicly announced that they were going to decrease the number of bikes in the Greater Manchester area due to the vandalism and the wide disbursement of them.

In order to combat the problem, Mobike decreased the area that the bikes were able to be found in and returned to, which eliminated the Salford area.  


The geo-fence released on 14th of November.
Mobike UK has stated that their feedback and data shows that operating in a more concentrated location improves the availability of their bikes for customers. 

The bikes are restricted into the geo-fenced area; riders may ride outside of the geo-fence but are asked to park and lock them back within the designated area.

This will now include the University of Salford, parts of MediaCityUK and Salford Quays, as well as other areas of Greater Manchester.  

“From this week, the geo-fence will expand covering 20 sqkm of Manchester and the number of bikes will increase to improve availability,” said Mobike UK in their blog post on Monday. 

People are still disappointed with the initial change while others are thrilled with the added areas. 

“It’s great news that Mobike have returned to Salford Quays. I hope this means they’re committed to Manchester for the long term,” said Dave Woodyer, a previously disappointed Salford Quays Mobike customer.

“We thank Mancunians for their patience as we find the best way to serve the city,” said Mobike UK.

The company has encouraged their customers to reach out to them if they would like more bikes in their area.

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