PERFORMING at the Manchester Arena last night, Alfie Boe & Michael Ball gave us West End classics, a Queen medley and some cracking one liners.

Different to most gigs we see at Manchester Arena, the floor area was crammed with seats for the crowd, but regardless of this, the classic tunes that the duo performed had the audience bopping around their seats.

The flawless voices of Michael & Alfie were mind blowing, with their angelic harmonies and impressive energy, backed by a very talented orchestral brought the show to life. It was as if you were at a West End show as they performed hits from Les Miserables, West Side Story and Hairspray.

The entire evening from star to finish was a great mash up of slow to ‘get up and boogie’ songs. The pair even did some solo’s and Ball’s classics from the show Hairspray were definite toe tappers.

The pairs chemistry and friendship was so clear on stage and their mix of humour had the arena chuckling, “I’m not really a miserable bastard”, laughed Boe, as he tried to maintain his straight faced persona.

It was clear that Michael was thankful to be working with Boe and was loving every minute of their tour: “I said it when we were here last and I’ll say it again, I love Alfie Boe…”

“I’m sharing this experience with someone I really admire and it’s a dream to sing to people like yourselves and thanks for making a dream come true…”

Of course the duo showed their love for the city of Manchester, performing in the arena where the tragic attack happened in May this year: “We remember the 22, my god do we remember them and it really brings it home what happened in this room…”

“Nobody showed the love better than Manchester.”

After both Michael and Alfie expressed their admiration for the city and the military services, Boe performed a cover of Snow Patrol’s Run: “I want you all to turn the torches on, on your phones, and each light will be a symbol of the soul of someone we have lost to war or to something tragic.”

The scene was beautiful and a hair raiser, the entire arena was lit by thousands of tiny lights, resembling a sheet of stars.

Photo credit: Lauren Wolanski-Bones

Michael ball left us some lovely words: “Keep dreaming big, because you never know when your dreams will come true. Keep dreaming the impossible dream”.

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